Our Team

Eddie, Owner

Eddie has been in construction for over 20 years. Starting out Remodeling houses right after high school, he's learned how to build a house from the foundation up. Seven years ago he turned his passion into a business that focuses on the long-term goals and satisfaction of his clients.

Betty, Business Manager

Sally has 20 years of experience working with national home building companies. She leads the team in administrative and marketing services. With a bit of background in design as well, not only is she able to talk you through the bottom line, she's happy to lend you her 'eye' as well! 

Denver, Project Leader

Denver has worked with Eddie for the last Seven years. He has a learned the hands of building under Eddies hands and a knack for delivering a project on time and on budget. He's all about the details and loves adding those finishing touches that bring a project together. 

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